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Elizabeth Olsen Misses a Chance to Be Cool

November 4, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

So I’m catching up on my Jimmy Fallons, and I just watched the episode from last Wednesday with Salma Hayek (looking lovely and not knowing the rules for beer pong) and It Girl Elizabeth Olsen. I was interested to see how the youngest Olsen handled herself. Supposedly her new movie is really good and I’m always looking to like indie starlets (until they get super annoying).

Then this conversation happened:

Jimmy: I appreciate you finding the time [to be on the show], because not only are you in movies and that kind of stuff, but you’re still going to college.

Elizabeth: I am still going to college.

Jimmy: Where do you go?

Elizabeth: I go to NYU.

Jimmy: Hey, very good. What is your—what are you majoring in?

Elizabeth: In acting. So it kind of aligns with my goals.

Jimmy: My parents didn’t do that with me—they, I said, “I want to be a comedian,” they go, “Major in computers. You need something to fall back on.”

Elizabeth: Yeah. No my parents were always really supportive. I don’t know why.

Gee. I wonder if anyone will ever solve the mystery of Elizabeth Olsen’s inexplicably supportive parents. Oh guess what, I just did. Your family has had millions of dollars since before you were born, 100% because of show business. Acknowledge your life, Elizabeth Olsen. We’d all like you so much better.

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