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Today in Weird Coincidences

So tonight I’m watching the original Wall Street (1987) streaming on Netflix. Today is May 6.

It’s also Gordon Gekko’s birthday! Have a gander at  this close-up of Charlie Sheen’s character’s super high-tech computerized calendar.

By the way, in case you are wondering why on earth I am watching a mediocre movie from over twenty years ago, starring a dude who has just suffered one of the most public mental breakdowns in media history: this movie is one of just five that I have left to watch to complete the AFI 50 Greatest Villains list, which is a casual goal of mine for the next week or so. I picked this one specifically out of the batch I have left because tonight I am both tired and headachy and it’s going to be the easiest to simultaneously watch and ignore.

So far, I am thankful for the contributions of both Great Villain Michael Douglas–whom I have always appreciated as a likeably smirky actor–and John C. McGinley, being his usual hyper, abrasive self. I also enjoy the inspired casting of Martin Sheen as Charlie Sheen’s father.

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