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Today’s Subconscious Preoccupations

I’ve been having incredibly bizarre dreams recently.  Luckily I have a bargain-table dream dictionary on my shelves, so when I wake up I look up the dream’s key terms.  Here is this morning’s findings:

plane crash – a crash portends “a sudden and unexpected conclusion to something that may or may not end up in total devastation” – the plane itself “pertains to quality and depth of thoughts”

basement – “the subconscious mind”

packing/unpacking – “suggests a forthcoming move, …[even] an employment move or a situational one” (Note: I’m having the packing and unpacking dream ALL THE TIME.)

witches – “an individual who recognizes and uses…the Divine Essence felt in nature”

bow tie – a constrained personality

Hmmmmm.  So, clearly, I’m spending too much time obsessing over my own thoughts because my life is in a state of flux (with new employment on the horizon) and I fear that this obsession is potentially damaging.  I want to connect with nature but I am getting in my own way.  (The witch was on the plane when it crashed, see.)

This is all very useful psychological information.

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