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What have you been drinking?

It’s summer now, and it’s hot, and sometimes when you’re out and about, walking around (or making that long lonely stretch down the Ohio Turnpike with an unconscious German shepherd in the backseat), you desperately need a drink of something cold.  BUT WHAT?  Here’s a blog post about the twenty worst drinks to indulge in: Harmful Drinks in America.  (I can’t remember where I first grabbed this link, although I imagine it was Monkey See.)

For my part, I tend to avoid most of these because I’m not big on sugary drinks.  (I don’t actually drink pop–or soda, for those of you outside the Midwest–at all.  I’ve been weird like this my whole life.)  I have been known to throw back a Starbucks Frappuccino (on the list at #17), but as this list will show, even some teas and energy waters are  loaded with sugar.  And then some of them are 32 ounces of melty ice cream sundae masquerading as a “smoothie.”

Glad to see that none of my favorites happen to be on there–the Iced Chai Tea Latte if I’m at Starbucks and Lipton Green Tea with Citrus if I’m anywhere else.  (And then there’s water, which for me does not need to taste like anything except for water.  But which should be cold.)  At home I’ve been drinking iced tea, but today I made an impulse purchase of some Simply Lemonade so I could make an Arnold Palmer.  I’m still messing with the correct ratio of iced tea to lemonade–the internet will tell you it’s 50-50 but I’ve been doing more of a 2/3 iced tea to 1/3 lemonade and that’s working for me.

Anyway, follow that link and be astounded.  And if you’ve been drinking Auntie Anne’s lemonade mixers or Tropicana Twisters or that Arizona kiwi juice they have at the gas stations, for the love of God, stop!

(There are much more rewarding ways to get your sugar and sat fats.)

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