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The Saga of the New TV

My search for a new TV came to a delightful and unexpected end today!  While I was out walking the dog this morning, I saw a nice-sized used set at someone’s garage sale for $45.  They thought it was “about 20 inches,” but weren’t sure (I ultimately measured it at home at 24).  It had a built-in VCR and DVD and everything still functioned.  What an awesome deal!  Why hadn’t it sold?  “It’s super heavy.”

Pshaw!  I went home and discovered I had exactly $44 in cash in my wallet, and took that as a sign.  (I paid the extra dollar in quarters.)  I drove my car over to the sale (it was only one block away, but: HEAVY) and they helped load it into the backseat.  (Step one: completed.)

So then the TV was in the backseat of my car.  I moved the good old 13-incher that’s now going in my kitchen, cleared some dust bunnies (dust water buffaloes, more like) and then it was time to try to move the new one.  I pulled the car right up to the front door, wedged it open, and with some grabbing and clawing, got the TV into the back stairway.  (Step two: completed.)

Next: stairs!  Four of them!  This took more grabbing and clawing, as well as additional maneuvering and some real huffing and puffing.  After twenty minutes of four or five false starts, I finally made the TV up the four steps and onto the landing outside my door.  (Step three: completed!)

From there on, it was pretty easy.  I scooched the TV onto a throw rug and pushed it across the kitchen tile and the hardwood, and then it was in my bedroom.  Just a bit more scooching and it was next to the TV stand I already had.  But how do I lift this thing 3 feet off the ground?

Well, I did it in stages.  Lifted it about a foot off the ground onto an ottoman.  Then, I sat on the edge of my bed, kinda leaned the set back onto my body and used my belly to leverage it up onto the stand.  (Step four: completed!  And victory!)  (Also, a more in-shape girl could not have used the same technique!  Though she probably would’ve had a much easier time with the stairs, so, toss-up.)

Anyway, this makes me feel awesome, not just because I followed through on this desire to get a new TV (and we all know I have problems with the following-through), but also because I accomplished it 100% by myself.  It’s so easy to get despondent when you don’t have anyone around to whom you can say, “Would you carry that for me?”  And I was certainly despondent for a few of those moments on the stairs.  But when the TV was on the stand and I was cheering and Skylar was howling), I was quite proud of what I’d accomplished more through my determination than through any discernible muscle.  GO ME.

  1. The Godmother
    June 2, 2010 at 9:48 am

    Wish I could have been there to help…..can still lift pretty well for 61 years old!!!
    Love ya….glad you got a TV!
    See ya soon!

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