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Mad Looks for Mad Women

Online awesomeness (courtesy of Project Rungay, tipped to me by the Girls of Fug)

Mad Style: a series devoted to dissecting the style of the ladies of Mad Men–complete with big glossy photos and a scholar’s eye for detail.  To wit:

Pete’s father dies and they head over to his parents’ apartment. Remember, Trudy would have been considered nouveau riche by her in-laws and subsequently is very nervous about how they perceive her. Additionally, Pete is the black sheep of the family. Why is this notable? Because everyone else in the room is wearing an appropriate black or gray, while Trudy and Pete once again wear matching outfits in blue, which is also the color of the walls. It ties them to the setting while setting them apart from it at the same time.

So far, the blog has looked at Pete’s wife Trudy, and Don’s mistresses (seasons 1 and 2), Bobbie, Midge, and Rachel.  I cannot wait until they get to Joan!  Here are my favorite looks so far:

Beatnik Midge

Bobbie, who will eat you for breakfast and wash you down with a martini

Trudy Campbell, the woman behind the pathetic loser (sorry, Pete)

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